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We can make our Penelope la Lavette according to your style,

  • select the border color from the color chart and write it in the box provided,
  • select if you want a single piece or a set of three pieces
  • if you select a set of 3 pieces (of the same size) you can choose to have them in 3 different colors - tell us what the 3 colors are in the box

and in 10 working days it will be at your home!


Honeycomb pure cotton cloth 330 gr.

Perfect for drying our furry friends after a walk in the rain or after a nice bath. Great absorbency for an all-natural fiber. Colorful border because their towel must also be chic!


    • 30 cm x 50 cm Extra small and small size
    • 50 cm x 90 cm Medium size
    • 100 cm x 150 cm Large size


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