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We can make our Blanket according to your style,

  • select the color from the color chart and write it in the box provided,

COLOR The color of the border of the Linen color chart

COLOR B main color of the Alpaca color chart

and in 10 working days it will be at your home!


Very light and soft ..

Alpaca is a yarn that does not contain lanolin and, as such, perfect for all those who have allergies to sheep or goat wool. To maintain its precious hypoallergenic characteristics, we added linen to alpaca, thus creating a safe product for allergy sufferers.

Furthermore, due to its particular characteristics, the alpaca yarn acts as a thermoregulator making our Fatou fresh in summer and warm in winter, perfect for all seasons.


FATOU Blanket - Alpaca and Linen

  • Interno: 100% alpaca

    Bordo: 100%  lino

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